Sunday, March 1, 2009

Framing and Building

Thank goodness for my dad. He can BUILD things. And he has more energy than Lance Armstrong, so he's a good person for projects. Anyway, we hashed out how we were going to build this coop, then headed to Home Depot with Tim and Augu to buy the materials.

Here is a diagram of the floor, which is now 78" x 96" (the finished interior will be 6' wide). Stay tuned for more gripping renderings (to scale no less... that's what you get with a graphic designer):

Here is Tim cutting the studs down. Go Tim! This was his first adventure with power tools since middle school. He is very handy.

Here are Tim and my dad surveying the floor studs.

By the end of the day, we had cut most of the wood for the frame. We had removed all the felt weatherstrips from the windows and sanded them down. Tim and my Dad built the frames for the windows as you can see below.

We are going to have to transport it up to Concord and build it here since we wouldn't be able to get it out through my Dad's bulkhead. It's just too big. Here you can see all the wood packed up and labeled for its trip north.

Don't miss the chicken ramp... Tim built it himself! Bock bock...