Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We are expecting . . . chicks

After much discussion and deliberation we've finally identified the different breeds that will soon make The Monument Street Coop their home. The chick order has been placed and the cluck is ticking --40 days and counting. Come mid April we'll be the proud "parents" of ten newly hatched chicks (assuming of course that they all survive shipping).

Of all of the things we considered in our selection process. . . : How rugged are the breeds; will our chickens weather winter well? How many eggs will they produce? The cuteness factor -which birds are better looking? Are they family friendly? Will they get along with one another (we're risking it with one breed that while pretty is known to be a little on the wimpy side)? The question of whether to purchase vaccinated or unvaccinated chicks was the big one. It seems that a lot of backyard flocks are unvaccinated --there are definitely pros and cons to both. We finally settled on vaccinated figuring we'd stave off as many potential risk factors as possible at the get go.

The Monument Street Flock in no particular order. . .
(2) Rhode Island Reds
(2) Ameracaunas
(2) Buff Orpingtons
(2) Polish Crested (one silver, one black with white crest)
(2) Speckled Sussex

Here is a little look at what we'll be expecting to receive in our shipment and hopefully what they'll grow into as hens. HOW CUTE!!!

Rhode Island Reds


Buff Orpington

Silver Crested Polish

White Crested Black Polish

Speckled Sussex


  1. What a great mix! I'm wanting to say it's one of the chickens with the bouffant (or whatever you want to call it) that is the unnamed wimpier breed but what do I know. Might as well have fun with your brood--it's amazing how much variety there is. I would assume a Rhode Island Red or a Polish Chicken should be able to deal with a MA winter!