Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chick Breeds

Our chicks are so cute it's ridiculous. Each in their own way. As you know, we have four breeds and I wanted to make sure I had photos of them as babies.

Their personalities are already emerging... as expected the Crested Polish are a bit more high maintenance (their pom poms are a source of interest to all the other chicks) but also very curious.

The Buff Orpingtons lead the pack and are pushy. Their color - buff - is distinctly apricot and very pretty. They look just like what you would expect a fluffy chick to look like!

The Rhode Island Red, because they're a week younger than the others, seem to be lying low and are teeny and adorable. This one is falling asleep. They literally keel over when they're tired.

And the Ameracauna are just a bit peculiar. One looks like a hawk (below at left). Not the most attractive (although Lisanne disagrees), but the blue eggs will be wonderful.

Here they are doing what they do best - eating, drinking and pooping. With an emphasis on pooping.

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