Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Picking up the Chicks - Or not...

Today Lisanne, Izzie, August and I headed up to Dodge Grain in New Hampshire. We were so excited to see the chicks in their brooders and relieved that the chicks we had reserved - Ameracauna, Crested Polish and Buff Orpingtons were together and separate with a big "SOLD" tag.

They also got a shipment of California White Leghorns, shown here pecking at their food.

The happy crew inspects our family's quarters - looks good!

The only problem is that the Rhode Island Red still haven't arrived. Jim was very accommodating and said that he would be willing to hold the other chicks until they showed up. In New Hampshire it is state law that you buy 12 chicks at one time. No paying for 15 and picking up 12 + 3. You have to buy 12 chicks and leave with 12 chicks every time. Arrggghhh.

We were relieved that he had taken such good care of our chicks, but definitely disappointed that we couldn't bring them home. Thursday or Friday...