Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fresh Eggs

WOW! Our first egg. What an amazing thing to wake up, go outside, take a look in the coop and find a perfect, beautiful, egg. That's not exactly how it happened but it was the perfect experience nonetheless. Isabella called to tell me that her chickens started laying. I thought I'd go out and check our coop just in case.  . . it turns out that when I flipped open the door to the nesting boxes one slightly imperfect (who gets it right the first time anyway?) white egg was gently resting on its side. I couldn't believe that our little hens had produced their first egg and on the very same day that their former brooder-mates produced theirs. I was eggstatic ;-). Totally worth all of the time, money and effort! 

I trucked this little slightly oblong egg all the way to NH to show it off to my parents. 

It took me a couple days of consistent laying to determine just who had produced that first egg. It turns out it was either Salt or Pepper our Polish Crested hens. Ginger (Buff Orpington) and Nutmeg (Rhode Island Red) lay brown eggs. 

The scene at the coop each morning goes pretty much like this: We head out mid-morning as my daughter calls out "girls got any eggs for me?", open the door and find two lovely brown eggs sitting in the first nesting box to the left.

Izzie gathering eggs 

The Polish Crested aren't big layers, we find a white egg about once a week. But Nutmeg and Ginger give us approximately one each a day. 

Aren't they beautiful?

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