Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rosie the Rooster

Despite our best efforts of buying sexed hens both Isabella and I had a rooster amongst our flocks. 

Rosemary, dubbed Rosie by my daughter, aka "hawkey" (while in the brooder Isabella referred to her as hawkey --she always had a slightly wild look in her eye) turned out to be a rooster. The crowing was NON-STOP and it wasn't limited to morning. Rosie crowed at 4am, 6am, mid-morning, all-afternoon. It was loud and it was all the time. I now understand why towns have ordinances against roosters. 

Rosie the rooster at 3 months

After several weeks of crowing, we eventually found Rosie a new home in NH. Thanks to the egg supplier at the Hancock Farmer's Market Rosie is now in a flock of 200+ birds. While we miss what was the prettiest bird in our flock, we definitely don't miss the crowing. 

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