Friday, January 29, 2010

Bunny Rescue

As I'm sure you've read Isabella, Tim and August added two adorable bunnies to Red Bird Farm. Isabella has a knack for gathering animals around her and I seem to have a knack for following in her footsteps. One of her two cute bunnies, originally adopted from our friend Hilary, has made its way over to our yard.

Unfortunately, after a successful entry into Isabella's coop the bunnies while getting along well with the chickens were not happy together. Peter Rabbit aka Cottontail aka Peekaboo otherwise known as the black bunny (the poor thing probably has identity issues he's been renamed so many times) was attacking the other Peter Rabbit aka Flopsy otherwise known as the brown bunny.

To make a long story short we came to the brown bunny's rescue by agreeing to take the black bunny.

Peter Rabbit is now living in a new hutch in our backyard.

He seems very happy snacking on papaya, carrots and yogurt bites. I go out and check on him numerous times throughout the day. Especially with this cold weather as his water dispenser freezes and needs to be changed at least twice a day.

His next move will be into our coop. We intended to put him in there right away but the hutch I bought quickly --without taking any measurements, doesn't fit through the door of the run. My husband had graciously offered to dismantle part of the run so we can squeeze the hutch in.

Hopefully Peter and the chickens will get along I'd hate to have to move him again. Poor thing. He's like a foster kid with one too many homes. I'm hoping to make this recent move his last. Will keep you posted!

We are happy to have him. Izzie LOVES her bunny!