Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cuckoo for Colored Eggs

I'm cuckoo for chickens that lay colored eggs. We had one Araucana with colored egg laying potential but alas Rosie turned out to be a rooster and if you've been following The Monument Street Coop's blog then you know how that turned out. . .

I've been terribly jealous the entire year that Red Bird Farm's coop has been producing beautiful blue and green eggs. I'm always thrilled when Isabella asks me to stop by the coop and check on the chickens when the Ehrlich's are away --because that means I get to bring home gorgeous colored eggs.

While Sweet & Savory is producing plenty (3 - 4 eggs a day) I feel I must have a few colored eggs in my life. Enter MyPetChicken.com a great resource for chicken lovers. They have a three chick minimum on orders and a great assortment of unique birds. Many states have minimums in order to avoid one-off purchases for over enthusiastic Easter egg basket fillers. Massachusetts for example requires a minimum purchase of 25 pre-Easter and 6 post. New Hampshire has a 12 chick minimum.

I'm eagerly awaiting my order currently scheduled to ship the week of May 24th. Four little chicks are headed our way: two Cuckoo Marans and Two "Easter eggers" i.e. Araucanas.

Silver Cuckoo Maran (chocolate brown egg layer)

I'm looking forward to chick-rearing again. I Just hope the newbies are accepted into the flock come mid-July when it is time to introduce them to their coop mates. I'll be disappointed if my only access to colored eggs is during vacation week at the Ehrlichs.

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  1. I appreciate your PO very much the picture with the article. Continues to refuel!!