Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just call me a Grave Digger

The worst part of this coop project thus far has been digging the trench for the run. We were advised by many people to dig a foot down, and a foot in so that we could run mesh under the ground to ward off wily digging predators (raccoons, fishers, etc.).

Unfortunately instead of 2 foot wide mesh, we received mesh that was 3 feet wide. Which meant we could either cut off a foot (which in retrospect would have been smarter), or widen the trench. Tim and I chose the latter. It was back breaking and involved removing a lot of roots with a hand saw, but we can always get work as grave diggers.

Here August is helping me fill the hole back in with dirt. Not as bad as digging it out, that's for sure. We are all glad that this part of the job is almost done.

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