Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just us Hens

Isabella, Isabelle and I went on a little girl's day adventure this morning. . . A trip to Brookside Farm in West Townsend, MA. 

Our mission: Purchase two additional hens to augment the Sweet & Savory flock. 

I just love going out to look for eggs and have been keenly disappointed when my girls only produce a single egg. Knowing that winter is around the corner and with that comes reduced egg production, I just knew that I wouldn't be happy unless I had multiple egg days in my future. 

So our little road trip took us over the river and through the woods; literally thanks to a poorly marked detour. Thank goodness for Crystal (Isabella's GPS). 

Well the farm wasn't really a farm, more like a giant chicken factory.  Honestly it was a little sketchy. But, the birds appeared healthy, happy and were free-ranging indoors. Apparently the farm is a little on the calmer side these days as they are currently only raising a few thousand birds. Danny, our guide and chicken salesman told us that when he was a child his family was raising 50,000+ birds. 

Brookside Farm 

Danny and our birds

Of course Isabella wasn't planning on adding to her flock, but just couldn't resist the big beautiful white puffballs otherwise known as white Plymouth Rocks. We went home with three. Two white Plymouth Rocks and a Barred Red. 

The chickens are currently in cages in our runs acclimating. 

Loading them up

Checking out the new digs

More to come. . . 

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