Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sugar & Poppy

So far so good with the introduction of Sugar and Poppy to the Sweet & Savory flock. There is definitely some hen pecking going on and Sugar spent much of the first day sitting in the doorway between the coop and the run blocking the others from going in and out. But for the most part they seem to be acclimating as well as can be expected. 

Sugar roosting in the doorway

My only concern and perhaps I just need to be patient, is that the upheaval appears to have curbed egg production. Neither Ginger nor Nutmeg has laid an egg in the past two days. The only egg I've seen came from Sugar this morning. Guess that is a good thing, she must be getting comfortable in her new home. 

I'm not sure why they all insist on using the same nesting box. Seems a little cramped. . . 

Sugar and Ginger sharing the nesting box this morning

Sugar's Egg

The point of the additional two chickens is supposed to be more eggs not less so hopefully things will pick up later this week. Stay tuned. . . 

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