Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Halloween Chicken

I have to admit this doesn't have anything to do with raising chickens (other than to confirm that we are completely obsessed) but I simply couldn't resist. Have you ever seen anything cuter? Isabella went nuts with a few white feather boas and the result. . . well see for yourself.

Dr. and Mrs. Ehrlich threw an ADORABLE little Halloween party for our little trick-or-treaters
and then we were all off to the town parade. 

Happy and Sweet day for all!

P.S. The cute cowboy and baby cow are mine ;-) and the ROAR lion is our little friend William Butler. 

Cowboy Fred and Baby Cow Izzie

No Cowardly Lion in these parts


  1. *love* the chicken!!! what a great costume idea. what a cutie!