Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Birds (and Bunnies)

Today we had our first big snowfall in Concord. The snow has since turned to freezing rain, but we had enough accumulation that the chickens wouldn't leave the coop.

I shoveled their ramp, and then they were willing to look around.

Only one of my Aracaunas would actually venture out into the snow.

I get asked a lot whether chickens are winter-hardy. Lisanne and I selected breeds that can weather a harsh winter without heat - Rhode Island Reds, Orpingtons, Aracaunas and Crested Polish. We knew that Drumlin Farm had these breeds and did not have heated coops, so they informed our decision.

I adopted two bunnies this week too, from my friend Hilary (who incidentally has 5 children - no time for rabbits). I put their hutch in the chicken run and will build a ramp for them so that they can run around freely. They're very very cute and friendly - the caramel colored one is Flopsy, and the black one is Peekaboo (he's a little shy).

My farm is expanding!